About us

The S.G. promet d.o.o. was registered in 2001 at the Commercial Court in Zagreb. The main activities of the company are the purchase and sale of fruits and vegetables and transportation services.

Throughout the year, we offer our valued customers a wide range of high quality domestic and imported fruits and vegetables.

We buy domestic fruits and vegetables from producers and business partners from all over the Republic of Croatia.

In order to constantly improve and expand our offer, we buy imported fruits and vegetables from producers and business partners from the EU and third countries, primarily from Italy and Spain. We also export certain products from our offer to EU markets.

We have our own trucks for transporting fruits and vegetables. Warehouse, handling and sales areas are located at the Wholesale Market and Refrigerator Zagreb, Slavonska avenija bb, box 24 and the Green Market.

As a result of our many years of work, our range is on the shelves of leading retail chains, tables of eminent hotels, restaurants, etc.

email: sgpromet@gmail.com

contact number: +38598233429

warehouse manager: +385994513432

tel: +38512455996

Fax: +38512455995

Our partners

Quaranta Frutta srl

Lagnasco, CN, Italy www.quarantafrutta.com

Diego Martinez e Hijos

S.L., Barcelona, Spain www.diegomartinez.com

F.V. Producciones Origen S.L

Barcelona, Spain

Ce.di.or. S.r.l.

Milano, Italy www.cedior.com